A Simple Phone Call

I talked on the phone Monday night with Mia’s teacher for over forty-five minutes. It wasn’t a bad phone call; to the contrary she was calling to let me know that she wouldn’t be in school the following day. She wanted to advise me that there would be a substitute. She wasn’t calling to express concern over Mia’s possible reaction to this sudden change. She actually said she believed Mia would be fine with it. (Which, for the record, she was.) She was only calling to alert me to it – incase I tried to reach her during the day by text or phone call. This is the kind of woman she is. We’re lucky.

While chatting I began to feel as if we were old friends. She told me about her children. She told me of her plans for my child. She told me funny little stories about Mia. She said Mia has a best friend, a little girl, and that they are absolutely inseparable. She explained to me that Mia needs to be challenged more with her reading/English work. That the program she is currently involved in is beneath her. She wants to discuss at length other options. She told me that Mia has vastly improved her ability to perform self-help skills on her own and that she is frequently using the bathroom with only a few minor mishaps here and there.

And as we continued to share stories about Mia I realized something incredible, for the very first time since Mia’s diagnosis I knew with absolute certainty that Roger and I had made the right decision for Mia. During this offhanded, friendly conversation, with the woman who nurtures and teaches my child for six hours out of the day I realized Roger and I made a hard decision that proved to be the best we’ve made thus far in our role as parents. Moving Mia, or rather, allowing Mia to be moved to a brand new school has opened so many doors for my daughter. I get giddy with excitement thinking about all of the wonderful ways in which this beautiful woman plans on teaching my child. I am ecstatic to find someone in the public school system who “gets it” and understands how vital presuming competence is. I am enthralled with her teaching methods and in awe of her spirit. I am so excited for the year ahead.

I have always been one to second guess the decisions I’ve made. I don’t think I have ever felt one-hundred percent about any decision I’ve made regarding my daughter. I’ve found there is always room for error. But this conversation and the quality of the woman hosting it was enough to give me confidence in my abilities as a parent. That one little conversation was enough to make me see things in a different light. It was enough to make me realize that maybe Roger and I aren’t so bad at making tough decisions for Mia. Maybe Roger and I are capable. And maybe, just maybe, we are doing a fine job raising this extraordinary little girl.


(Mia playing outside after school on Monday.)

3 thoughts on “A Simple Phone Call

  1. The fact that Mia needs to go to a more challenging reading level is INCREDIBLE. I (and I’m sure many others) am extremely proud of Mia. Tell her I said hi and that I love her! 🙂

  2. Can I say , YIPPEEEEEEEEEEEE, now back to the parenting , you and Roger will make mistakes as all parents do but when it comes to effort and love no mistake there.You think and think and think before you make a serious decision, made with love and more future thought involved. Here is to a great year!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you for sharing this what an amazing teacher! We already knew Mia was awesome but it’s great to finally have a good teacher for her. Yay for thus story!!!

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