About Me


Let me formally introduce myself to you..

My Name is Kimberly. I am 27 years young. I live in Connecticut, USA. I am happy. I am shy. I love history – mainly Renaissance Europe and WWII. I love reading about these things. I am an at home entrepreneur; I am things out of clay and sell them on my etsy shop, Nonsuch Novelties. I also sell funky vintage items there too!

I am also the mother of a very special little girl Mia. No matter how cliché it sounds it is still true – she is my world. And she saved my life. Mia was diagnosed with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). She falls right smack dab in the middle of the spectrum – actually holding a diagnosis of “Classic Autism Mid-Spectrum”. She is the reason I write this blog.

My Blog focuses mainly on what it is like mothering a child as special as she; a child on the spectrum, a child with autism. I write about all of the many things that go into our day. Memories I have of when she was small and first diagnosed. All of the hardships, heartaches, and joys my family experiences. I speak honestly, truthfully, and from the heart about my daughter and my experiences as her mother – the most trying aspect of my life, but also the most rewarding.


A few of the people who factor into my posts:

(My Roger.)

Roger – My long-term boyfriend and Mia’s father. He is a hard working man. The other half, and probably my better half. He is an amazing father. He is my best friend and my anchor to the truth.


(My Mia.)

Mia – obviously, you were already partially introduced. She is 6 years old. She is autistic. She is falls into the category of non-verbal BUT she does selectively speak – when she wants a particular show, when she is extremely excited, when she is motivated, when she is scripting, etc. Sometimes she will have a spontaneous conversation with me, or others. She has echolalia. She has sensory processing disorder. She is happy. She is healthy. She is hyperactive. She is fun. She is a handful. She is my favorite person. She likes Dora the Explorer, Phineas and Furb and just about every other kids show you can think of. She is a master at using her iPad.


(My Henry VIII.)

Henry VIII – My 1 year old pug. He is silly. He is tricky and sneaky. He is hyper-active. He is cute. He is, sadly, pretty under represented in this blog. And, yes, he is named after the tumultuous Tudor King of England, Henry VIII.


If you’re interested join me, and stay awhile… I’d love to have you!


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