Auntie Amanda

(Amanda and Mia. Photo taken a couple of months ago when she was babysitting. Sorry I stole it Amanda!!)


Mia loves her Auntie Amanda. She always has and she always will. Amanda was only eleven when Mia was born. I remember everyone hovering around her while she held Mia. So afraid was her family that she would drop the new baby – which she never did. She came to the hospital to visit us and came over my parents house were we lived numerous times to see her.

(Amanda with Mia. 2006)

Over the years Amanda has always kept a close relationship with Mia; even though she is a teenager and forsaking fun with friends on a Saturday night for the company of a six year old (no matter what the babysitting fee) is hardly considered cool.

Mia thoroughly enjoys every second of the time they spend together – she even looks forward to us leaving so they can hang out.

(Reading a book together with Grandma. 2007)

Amanda turned eighteen today. And I am so happy to have someone like her in my life. I am so happy to have someone like her in my daughter’s life. Someone who loves Mia unconditionally. Someone who has never questioned the way Mia is flapping her arms, manipulating her voice or squinting her eyes. Someone who loves Mia for Mia; “quirks” and all.


(Mia was NOT enjoying the singing – although she did sing the song herself. Happy Birthday Amanda!!)


And we love Amanda too!! Happy Birthday Amanda! <3

(Always time for a picture together. Mia is NOT fond of flashes.)


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