Autism Organizations & Resources
“Autistic Self Advocacy Network” (ASAN) is a non-profit organization made for and run by Autistic people. Their main goals are to support people on “the autism spectrum while working to educate communities and improve public perceptions of autism.” This site is a great place to start learning about autism from the people who live it.
“Autism Women’s Network” is a welcoming place for women whose lives are touched by autism – a great place for women to be educated, supported, and have their voices heard..
“Autism NOW” is a website that has a VAST amount of information and resources that focus on many different areas across the lifespan. Their website has a wealth of information on many focus areas from early intervention to “aging issues”, autism reform in America, and information on support groups in your local area. The site also includes information on networking in local, state and national arenas.
“National Autism Resources”
is a website full of great toys/tools for children on the spectrum. They have tons of items for specialized learning in social skills, speech, sensory, imaginative, OT, PT, movement and even reinforcers. With “toys” like these your child won’t even realize they are working.