“Autistic People Should” Flash Blog..

Today is “Autistic People Should..” Flash Blog Day. Do you want to know the story behind why the Autism Community decided we needed to do a Flash Blog with that title? 


Well, here’s why.


And here’s why.


And, again, here is why.


Like a well oiled machine, Google (and Facebook) are able to guess with accuracy the rest of your sentence based on what others are searchingand that my friends is what people are searching. 


What do I think? Well, I think…

Autistic people should… be accepted for who they are
Autistic people should… stop being harassed
Autistic people should… be loved, be valued, be appreciated, be respected
Autistic people should… be LEARNED FROM
Autistic people should… not be judged because of their diagnosis
Autistic people should… not have to deal with this type of harassing bigotry
Autistic people should… be LEFT ALONE to live peacefully – as they wish
Autistic people should… be given the same opportunities as everyone else
Autistic people should… be admired
Autistic people should… BE LOVED
Autistic people should... exist 

Comment Below and tell me how YOU would complete that sentence.

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3 thoughts on ““Autistic People Should” Flash Blog..

  1. Autistic people…are some of my favorite people.
    Autistic people should…be recognized for there unique and wonderful ways of viewing the world.
    Autistic people should be called people with autism because they are in fact people first.

    • Although, I do agree with your thinking on saying “person with autism”, I personally tend to use the wording “Autistic Person/People” because the vast majority of those holding a diagnosis, that I have spoken to, prefer this terminology. (And by vast majority I mean all except one – who told me they didn’t care either way.) To explain why they prefer this I am going to quote “Autism Myth Busters” website (which is written by a group of autistic individuals) which states: “Many of these individuals emphasize the fact that autism is part of them. It is who they are and who they will always be. If you took away their Autism, they would not be the same person. There is no separating the person from their autism; as there might be with a person being cured of a disease. Therefore, they prefer to be called “autistics” in order to identify that this diagnosis and way of being is a secure part of their personality.”

      And, I, personally wish to call them whatever it is that they wish to be called – whichever way they feel comfortable. I believe, for me, that that is the only fair and right thing. So that is why I always use that terminology.

  2. I am so saddened by the labeling, must we label!!!People are people , positive love is what we should focus on.Not labels and titles.Love for all…………..

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