I have a list. And over the years this list has grown. From time to time I take it out. It is never far from reach. It’s easily accessible; tucked away in an old well used and weathered journal with cracked leather and a broken spine.

From time to time I immerse myself within this list. And I wonder.

The list is simple. Let’s call it “Seventy-Two Questions I Would Like to Ask My Daughter.”

I do not know exactly when I started it. I do not know at what point I decided it was imperative for me to write down each question.  All I know is that over the years I have compiled a list of questions. All I know is that these are questions I desperately want my daughter to answer. Questions ranging from the heartfelt to the impersonal, from the silly to the serious. Questions and answers most parents take for granted.

The list is ever growing. In a way, it has taken on a life of it’s own. And because of this I keep it close at hand. I do this so that whenever I think of another question I am able to add it with ease. So afraid am I of forgetting a question that it accompanies me on my travels. For I do not always get answers from my daughter. Actually, I have never once gotten an answer to one of my “listed” questions.

(My weathered and well used leather pocket journal.)

(My weathered and well used leather pocket journal.)

Well, never until today.

Today Mia answered question number fourteen. No need to go in order.

Roger was sitting on the bed while I was pondering over what to write (since we both know it has been awhile since I have graced my blog with a new post.) He typed on my computer screen. “Hello Mia.” Then he asked her question number fourteen: “What is Mia’s favorite color?” And that was when I heard it.


Blue? What?! I would have bet all my money on pink. But hey, what do I know?

Tonight I get to open that old well used leather journal and write in it for the first time ever, an answer. Mia’s favorite color is Blue. Now I just need to find out which variation.



2 thoughts on “Blue

  1. Amazing , awesome and BLUE! Love her , love this , love your writings.I love this picture of Mia ……………..

  2. Although I am sure they are highly personal, I am dying to know your other questions for Mia. Thanks again for such a private look into your lives.

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