I’m sorry for this post

I have spent the better part of this snow day thinking. Mainly because Mia has reached the age where I am no longer welcome to sit by her side at all hours, waiting on her every move. So, because of this I try to busy myself, usually failing miserably. I tried to read a book, but was unsuccessful – too many thoughts. So, I sat down to write a few e-mails that I’d been putting off. I started them in my usual fashion, which is mainly to say I apologized profusely for bothering the recipient; I write this every time no matter how much I believe the receiver wishes to hear from me. I am always apologizing.

Hello, my name is Kimberly and I am chronically apologetic.

sorry meme

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So I Bluff

I haven’t posted anything in quite some time, although I still write incessantly. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because I have been a bit dispirited lately and haven’t felt secure enough to advertise this. Again, I’m not sure why (about the dispirited part atleast). Life is good. Life is usually good. Life, lately, is unusually good. I’m finally chasing down dreams, and making them reality. I’m officially halfway through my journey in becoming a Dental Hygienist (and my teeth look better than they have in years! Ha!). Nonsuch Novelties has taken off and I have more orders than ever before – and a constant slew of compliments to go along with my work. Mia is flourishing, there truly isn’t a better word for how she is doing. And, yet, I can’t seem to shake away my own feelings of dejection. Sorrow. Incompetency even. Continue reading


People talk all of the time about love at first sight. Something about the way a person moves through space, their demeanor, that makes an individual fall in love with them. I’ve always taken that concept a bit further and wondered if it were possible to love someone you’ve never met – and I mean truly, unequivocally love LOVE someone. I’m not talking about loving someone the way a school girl loves a celebrity they will most likely never meet. I’m talking real, real love.

So, is it possible to love someone you’ve never met.. and someone you’re never going to meet – well, at least not in this lifetime. Is it possible to truly love someone who died before you lived?

I’d like to say it is possible…

My Grandfather, Thomas, goofing around in his wives nightgown.

My Grandfather, Thomas, goofing around in his wife’s nightgown.

Yesterday I checked my email to find a forwarded message from my mother. The text was short and sweet, she wanted me to see a few pictures of my grandfather that I had never before seen. Photos she had never before seen either. The way I felt when I opened them is hard to put to words.

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The merits of chunky water

 “I’ll take the brown pretzels and the yellow popcorn. Please.”

Mia is learning about descriptive words in school right now. I’m always amazed by how much she knows and the fact that upon being introduced to a concept once she readily remembers it and often immediately employs it. This recent English lesson is a prime example. Concept introduced. Mia grasps it. Mia instantly puts it to work. “I’ll take the brown pretzels and the yellow popcorn… Please.” Mrs. W smiles and promptly picks up the phone to call me. We both cheer. Yay!! She’s got it! We’re proud. So proud indeed, that we both decide to ignore the fact that she just asked for two snacks and just let her have a small amount of both. Everyone wins.

Just like that we’re off- on a journey of descriptions. Now everything has an adjective in front of it. Which works nicely for a bit – look out for the orange tiger! The red pretzel coatl (don’t even ask- it’s from some kid’s show.). The fluffy white clouds. Two descriptive words there- awesome! And then there is a problem. Mia has decided to replace nouns with adjectives, like, for example, the first time she asked for ice water after learning this novel new concept. “Chunky water.” Huh? “Chunky water.

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