Closed for the Winter

Quassy Amusement park was open Saturday for its last day of the season. We went. Its closing for the winter seems a bit bitter sweet. We had some great moments there this summer – Mia most of all.

There seems to be a bit of magic there for Mia, and because of that, for us too. For her it might exist in the way that she is able to do everything just the same as every other kid her age in attendance. There is nothing she can’t do. For us it exists in the moments as she fly’s through the air uninhibited and unstoppable – watching her soar really is a most amazing thing.

To be honest this place is special to me too. No matter how often I try to tell myself that my daughter can do everything and anything she chooses, I still let my narrow mind prohibit her. I know this to be true by the simple shock I feel when she swiftly follows a command or verbally answers a question. I know this to be true by the absolute surprise that I felt at her insistence to ride again after that first fateful swing on the pirate ship this past August. It’s at this establishment that I most recently was forced to step back and reevaluate the barricades I inadvertently place in the middle of my daughter’s path.

As always yesterday she had a blast. Roger and I the same (both vicariously and directly). My cousin Nathan even joined us – someone Mia loves immensely and thinks of as one of her greatest friends. She was excited by his presence and enjoyed watching him ride with us as a group. She guided us from one attraction to the next with general ease; zigzagging her way through the large crowd to our final destination: the “big” rollercoaster, which she then rode numerous times in a row.

When it was time to leave Mia wasn’t yet ready, but the park was closing and she was forced to say goodbye for the winter. It was a goodbye that came all too soon for Mia; and for us. Even though we told her the park was shutting down for the winter I’m not too sure if she understands exactly what that means – that we can’t go back next weekend, or any weekend until April. That the magic has to be extinguished for just a little while.

As the adult I’m supposed to realize that it’s only going to be closed for six months. I’m supposed to know that time moves quickly and six months will pass in the blink of an eye. I’m not supposed to fret over seasons end. But the pessimist in me always persists and tells me that although time moves quickly, it also changes things. That Mia will be different come spring; and her soaring through the air will not seem so magical when it is not new. So, I am sad to see the last of a place that helped me realize so much in 2013. Putting a place behind me (if only for awhile) that brings so much joy to my daughter is hard.

But then the optimist within reminds me that there will always be something for Mia – whether this place or somewhere else. There will always be some new way she can fly, and another way for her to surprise. That even if the magic is gone come spring, she can do anything, and something else big will prove this to me.

(Mia flying one last time.)

(Mia flying one last time.)

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  1. Awesome , love this , cannot wait to go with you again next season!!Watching and sharing in that time is amazing, love , love , love it!!

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