Today I want to ask you to watch a video. Not because I do not have anything to say, on the contrary, Mia had the day off from school and I have plenty to write. Today I want you to watch a video because if there is one thing, one point, I’m trying to get across with my blog it would be this:

“If we are ordinary, than autistics are extraordinary.”


There is not much more I can do with words to introduce this video, Faith Jegede, the woman who will be speaking, says it all so well. So eloquently. I need not weigh it down with my words. So here is it. Enjoy.






3 thoughts on “Extraordinary

  1. loved this!!! what an amazing lesson to be learned from this video… thank you for sharing it 🙂

  2. I loved this and know exactly what she is saying …..I love all that is anything but normal!!
    Thank you Kimberly for sharing this!!

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