Fever Bugs

Today Mia was sick. This time she has a cold – nothing too serious at the moment just a really runny nose, a lot of sneezing, and a cough here and there. I hate when Mia is sick. Just like all parents I worry about my child. I fret over illness. And, thanks to my dad, I am irrational and always, always imagine the worst. To give you an example of how horrible I actually am with this I will tell you about my fear last night. Her cheeks were swollen, a little bumpy, and red. Plus she had, what to me seemed, excessive mucus and a nagging cough. It made me beyond nervous. I went online and looked up symptoms of the mumps. Yes, the mumps. I know what you’re thinking, “wasn’t she vaccinated for this already?” The answer is yes. In my clearly irrational mind, that uses as you can see, absolutely no logic when it comes to Mia’s ill health, I still thought it a possibility. Until Roger closed my laptop on me, give me “the look” and thus ended my search. Thank G-d he knows exactly how to handle me when I go off the deep end.

I have a mother’s intuition about these kinds of things. I again know what you’re thinking: “No way. You thought she had the mumps and she OBVIOUSLY doesn’t.” But, I do. Trust me. Sunday evening her voice sounded just a tad bit off; deep and scratchy (kind of like mine!) rather than cute and sweet. I pointed it out to Roger. He told me I was being neurotic and that she was fine. To my credit, by the time she went to bed her nose was running like a faucet. Oh, how I hate to be right sometimes.


(Even though Mia is sick she still has time to dress up at Dora the Explorer, she is wearing “Backpack.” and holding Dora’s best friend Boots. She has it all covered.)


I think the reason I am such a worry wart about Mia being sick is because she still has a lot of communication issues. She doesn’t always answer my questions, or reply when I am talking to her. She still doesn’t really tell me when she has any sort of internal pain, or hurt – only when she has a visible “boo-boo”. Because of this, I am constantly afraid that I am going to miss some warning sign that something is out of whack. I am constantly afraid that she is going to wind up with something serious and I won’t even know until it is too late. And, not only am I afraid of serious illnesses, but I am also afraid of the typical childhood ones as well, like ear infections, strep throat, tooth aches, tummy aches, etc. I don’t ever know if Mia is sick until she either pukes or acts so out of the ordinary that I can tell. Which, believe me when I tell you this, she has to be pretty sick to act “out of the ordinary.”

Take today for example; though Mia was sick she did not drop one notch on the activity level scale. She was still topping the charts at an unbelievable eleven out of ten. Hyper-active to say the least. And all over the place too. She stayed home from school, obviously, and before 11 am we had made, and broke apart, a whole wooden train track set twice before it was taken apart for the last time and chucked at my head. (Thanks Mia. Mommy loves you too!) We must have made seven frickin’ play dough horses in every color of the rainbow, gone through about twelve different DVD movies  and God knows what else – we moved so fast I can hardly even remember it all. She didn’t stop moving until 4 o’clock when she climbed in bed and instantly fell asleep. Which is horrible because when Mia naps that late in the day, even if it is only for a short period of time, she will NOT even THINK of going to sleep until around 2-3 in the morning. So, tonight Mia and I will be camped out downstairs. She can watch TV and play; while I sleep on the couch with the kitchen table and chairs piled up in front of the door. (See Right and Wrong for more info on why.)


(Mia tonight after her nap. My sick little lady.)


All of my fears for Mia’s health are made worse because she really, really hates thermometers. So, it’s been hard for me to get an accurate reading of where she is temperature wise. She will not keep one in her mouth or under her arm pit. And, I haven’t ever tried to go near her rear end (forget about it!). When she is sick I am left to use the good ole touch, feeling her head and neck – something I have never mastered. I can tell when she is burning up, obviously, but I just can’t tell if she has a mild fever. So, I think everything is a fever. (It probably doesn’t help that my hands are always cold.) And, once I think she has a fever, I’m off and running to the computer to tell google her symptoms and search until I find the worst possible thing it could be, read up on it, and convince myself she has it.

To quote a phrase, I am always a day late and a dollar short. Always. I just finally heard about, and asked for, an infrared thermometer that you only have to touch to the forehead or behind the ear to get a reading. You’d think I’d have heard of it sooner but no one tells me about these kinds of cool things. Alas, Mia would get sick before I actually received it. For once though, my luck has held. Only last weekend Roger came across these cool little body stickers; they are actually thermometers. They’re called “Fever-Bugz”. They have a special adhesive that allows them to be stuck on the body – where they will stay for 48 hours. You just stick them on to the forehead, in between the shoulder blades, or the armpit. Where they stay – constantly monitoring body temperature; at any time I can just pick up her t-shirt and look at the lady bug on her back for an accurate reading. A-maz-ing. Until I get my “Infrared Thermometer” these little guys will be my companions. I probably will even continue to use them afterwards because they are just so darn cute and useful too! How often does that happen?!


(Mia wearing one of her Fever-Bugz. If you look closely in the middle of the ladybug you can see the “N” for “normal” temperature.)


So, armed with my fever-bugz, a bottle of dimetapp, and the hope of a better tomorrow I will descend the stairs to my living-room where I will live out the ending of today’s drama, I call, life. I probably won’t go to sleep until well into tomorrow morning so I definitely won’t be posting tomorrow – but who am I foolin’ I never write two days in a row anyway! 

I hope you have a happy hump-day!



If you are interested in purchasing any of the above mentioned supplies in tonight’s post (i.e. fever-bugz, the infrared thermometer, or even dimetapp) just click the corresponding link below.