Happy Birthday, Dad Dylan.

I know. I know. It’s been awhile…
I know. I know. I’m probably the worst blogger in the history of bloggers..

Where have I been? I’ll explain later. I know, you’re dying to know right. Or, more likely, you’ve forgotten this blog ever even existed. And, more importantly, you’re probably wondering who the hell I am and why you ever followed it in the first place.

Well, I’ll explain all that later. I have more pertinent matters to attend too. It’s my Father’s Birthday. And we ALL love Doug. You know you love him- but if you don’t know him I’m about to tell you why you should.

For starters, he practically invented “Photo-bombing”


He’s always had style:



Hell he should have been a model:



He’s the patriarch of THIS family. (I told you, model status.):



He dressed up as THIS for Halloween one year:560054_10202417984710074_1666475611_n


He STILL flashes the peace sign (and often):37547_1569619839555_5077930_n


He’ll win you THIS many stuffed animals from the claw machine- EVERY TIME:



He leaves notes like these:



If you’re in a bind he will change your diaper; just don’t expect him to put the new one on the right way:


He owned this slide at the age of Fifty-three:



He’ll take you to see ALL the great performers from “his era”:



He tans well. Like real well:



Kid’s love him because he does stuff like this:



And this:IMG_20140213_142213[1]IMG_20140213_145027[1]


He’ll take you on a Booze cruise at the age of six- even though he doesn’t drink and you don’t either:



He is the BEST father. EVER:



And the BEST Poppi EVER:



He gets major points for still loving his wife in this the Age of Divorce:DH000035



And he’ll teach you all the “sly” ways to mess up a picture. (Hey, I got better with age!):



He’ll work EVERY DAY, even Christmas, to ensure that those he loves are taken care of:



He’s the ONLY person I know who can jump off a diving board, touch his toes, then do a melon. Olympian status:



He sure knows how to kick back and relax:IMG_20140213_104953[1]



Hell he’s even mastered the art of sleeping standing up:IMG_20140213_144930[1]


He dances. With his mother. Enough said:

(My grandmother and my father. Circa sometime in the late 90's.)

(My grandmother and my father. Circa sometime in the late 90’s.)


He’s a Yankee’s fan. End of story:



Happy Birthday, Dad. You’re so great in so many ways. It would take a million more of these posts for me to outline all of them. This will have to do. I hope your day was spectacular – just like you! I love you!!! Xoxoxo


..And, hey, have you hugged THE Doug today?


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  1. Love love love this and YES love Doug!! No one can too him we are so lucky to have him in our life. Happy birthday Doug!

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