Happy Birthday Mia!

I feel lucky. I feel blessed. Although the days go fast and the moments are fleeting; so much so that I hardly find the time to sit down and write. Even now as I start this post I am interrupted by a child who thinks a visit to the park should be an everyday occurrence, and I will oblige her because I know that these days will not last forever. And these moments, less.

With each passing year I am evermore reminded of just how quickly time moves. How indifferent it is to us who desire a change in its pace- wishing for the wheels of time to screech to a halt long enough for us to look around and get a good glimpse of what we’ve got in a moment, while other times we hope for a more speedy tempo. The irony is though, that no matter which scenario is ours to hope for, time changes its step for no one. And we are left wanting.

Eight years ago today my life changed. Eight years ago on June 15th at around noon I gave birth to Mia- the most monumental moment in my life. And each year on this day I am left to wonder how we got so far away from that humid day in mid June. How I got so far away from that teeny tiny five pound baby in my arms.


I may not know where all the time went. And I may not believe there have been enough shared moments in the past to bring us to this point. But, I do know this- seven was a great year. Mia’s seventh year, now gone, holds some spectacular accomplishments. Sharing them with you is the next best thing to reliving them again.

At the age of seven Mia,
Rode her first Roller Coaster:


Started taking the bus to and from school- everyday:

(Mia's bus.. and a few of her friends.)

Learned how to ice skate:


Learned how to love (unconditionally) someone new (in the form of her brand new baby cousin, Reese):


Learned how to type on the computer (and make rice crispie treats- something I’m pretty excited about):


She learned how to read, spell, and write- proficiently:


Mastered the balance beam at gymnastics (something she wouldn’t even touch in the beginning of the session):


She went on her first field trip where she built a bird house (she’d been sick on the day of every single one previous):


Changed schools and made LOTS of friends:


Ate hot lunch for the first time:


Found the winning rock in the Field Day Eye Spy Competition:


Decided to upgrade to the “big kid” swing:



And, although this is nothing new, Mia smiled through all the tough times (something she had been doing since birth):

Mia, on her way home from the museum. A place she wanted to visit, while sick, that was packed. She left after ten minutes and wasn't phased by the mishap.

Mia, on her way home from the museum. A place she wanted to visit, while sick, that was packed. She left after ten minutes and wasn’t phased by the mishap.


Happy Birthday to you, my darling Mia!! Although sometimes I wish I could freeze time a bit (to stop you from growing so quickly) but I know it’s better that I cannot because with each passing day you teach valuable lessons to so many. I am SO proud of the person you are. Thank you for always showing me patience in this crazy life of ours, where I often feel more of the child and less of the parent. You are my greatest teacher. I love you! Xoxo.

(And a HUGE HUGE HUGE Happy Father’s Day to Roger who didn’t get a post but should have. There is NO ONE in this world I would rather travel through life with.There is no greater father than you. Thank you for all that you do; it may go unmentioned but it never goes unnoticed!)



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