Hi friends!! (That sounds kinda corny doesn’t it?) I can’t help it though; I’m in such a good happy mood. I finally can see the light at the end of the tunnel I like to call “Mia’s Tools”. I just coined that phrase today and I think it needs some work. BUT regardless I am thrilled. All of my little ideas took on a life of their own and a small little sensory corner morphed into something huge.

I really think writing about Mia’s strengths and weaknesses has helped me evaluate her situation. When I write and reread my posts I am able to see Mia’s life, my life, from the outside, and I am better able to make suggestions to help the situation that will be beneficial to my daughter. So, for that I am truly thankful.

With that said. I am going to end this pathetically tiny little post here. I don’t want to give too much information away. And I still have a decent amount of things that still need to be accomplished before Mia comes home. I know I have already kept a few of you on the edge of your seats over the details to Mia’s Sensory Nook, now termed “Mia’s Tools” and I promise you that a very detailed and elaborate post is already in the making. You will not be disappointed. (Atleast I hope not.)




P.S. – Judith S. I did receive your question and I will be responding with a very well thought out answer very soon. Until then though I did e-mail you a quick response. Thanks for the question!