I’d say it’s LOVE

It’s been awhile since I’ve written anything worth noting. I blame the emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder back in early November for the downfall of this blog. (Maybe it was dying long before that on account of different reasons, closer to home, but I’d rather blame something a bit more out of my control.)

So much has happened since then that sitting down and outlining it all would be such a daunting task. So hard in fact that I gave up on blogging altogether. Often missing it, sometimes too ashamed to think of it, and, mostly, chalking it up as one more failed attempt at doing something worthwhile in my life. So I gave up at the thought of ever coming back.

From time to time something spectacular would happen and I’d say to myself “I have got to put that on the blog!” but I never knew just how to come back. I didn’t know what words to use to explain my silence. I couldn’t find one reason why anyone would be interested in hearing from us again after such a sudden and long absence. I was sure that any magic this blog had that captured people in the first place had long since abated and I’d be writing it for myself.

But then I realized I don’t need to have the perfect words. Nor, a good excuse. I never have. And, hey, it was life and sometimes, it just gets in the way. More significantly I realized that writing this for myself has always, always been the point. I never started this blog with the intention of touching people. That’s why it was so great the few times it did. I started this blog for me. As a place to vent my frustrations, explain my side of the story, re-evaluate my mothering, and share Mia in the light she should be shared in- incandescent. And if someone read it and carried something away the reward was two-fold because I’ve always known that I was the one who gained the most from this blog.

So, that’s why I’ve decided with as little of an excuse as possible and a bunch of minced words to come back and share a bit of Mia’s light. To share a bit of the wonderful, like what happened this weekend.

Yesterday, Mia met her one month old cousin, Reese, for the first time. (And, again this afternoon.) This was her first real encounter with such a tiny baby. I have to admit I was a bit apprehensive. I was afraid she would be loud, harsh, rough and jealous. I was sure my seven year old spoiled and only child in the whole family was sure to be envious of the love and attention showered on our beautiful Reese. But, she was none of these things. Her instant love for her new cousin blew me away. She was incredibly gentle; giving Reese lots of love, kisses, and calm caresses. Often moving away from the scene in order to stim when her excitement became too much. It was magical. And, ultimately, a lesson in love. Love is instant. It’s familial. It knows its place. It fulls the heart and makes you do wonderful things. And, this weekend, it taught Mia to be mindful of another’s feelings. And, that is definitely worth sharing.

Here are just a few snapshots of the absolute love that filled my parent’s home this weekend:

(The beautiful Reese)

(First things first, this is the beautiful Reese.)

(First Picture. Mia is a bit flushed in the face from stimming with excitement!)

(First Picture. Mia is a bit flushed in the face from stimming with excitement!)

(I'd say it's love. Mimi, Mia, and Reese.)

(I’d say it’s love. Mimi, Mia, and Reese.)


3 thoughts on “I’d say it’s LOVE

  1. This really touched my heart. It’s such a beautiful thing when you understand & witness love in its real innocence. You have such a way with words!

  2. love hearing about Mia and her new experiences. Congratulations to you on being a new Auntie and to Mia for being a new, big cousin and I am sure a life-time friend.

  3. Tears of joy for the true love Mia shared for Reese and the calm she knew to share with her also , to move away when she felt the need to be overjoyed!

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