Simple Things

It’s the simple things in life..

It’s the simple things that make life marvelous. Like finding a previously lost video of your grandmother smiling and dancing about six months before her death. Just an inconsequential video. When it was recorded it meant nothing. It was everyday life. Nothing out of the ordinary. But on the day you find it you realize it is now so much more. It is no longer just a video of someone you see often. It’s a memory of someone past. And out of it you find meaning – like smiling through adversity. I guess you’d have to know my grandmother to understand, to fully grasp what I mean by “smiling through adversity” but I’m sure, on a human level, you can all understand what it is like to find a little lost treasure of something, someone you loved, left behind after they’ve departed. I’ve been lucky enough to find a few.

(MY Grandma Toots)

It’s the simple things, like going out for a nice cup of coffee with your sister. Even if you don’t frequent a Starbucks often enough to know how the fuck to order there. It’s the comfy chairs. (Alright, I’m lying here. I couldn’t figure out how the hell to get comfortable in that damn chair or how to even sit in it properly.) It’s the proximity to someone you love but don’t get to see as often as you’d like. It’s the mundane and normal conversation you have. The freedom to be you, no strings attached.

It’s the really simple things in life. Like picking your daughter up from school and having her say, “There she is, Mom!” (Alright, alright, once again I am lying. This is not that simple of a thing for my daughter. Although, I can proudly say that with each passing day getting the words she so longs to say out of her mouth is getting a lot easier.) It’s writing with a stick in the dirt in your backyard while you daughter tells you how to spell words like balloon, cat, bear, dog, and, of course, candy. (If you knew Mia, this last word wouldn’t surprise you one bit!)

(Me and Mia at our favorite place — the river)

It’s the simple things in life – like your perspective. How you look at it. Did I find that video of my grandmother, or did it find me? Did my sister ask me out for a cup of coffee because she was bored, or because she too was looking for a special moment to share? Or, my daughter even, should I be mad that I hardly ever get to hear the words I so long to hear and she so longs to say, or be thrilled when it all comes together for her and they come out – loud and clear as day. Are these not so unusual happenings that special? Are they too ordinary for me to find particular meaning in them? Or are they just ordinary enough for me to find the fullness of life in them? I like to think that video found me, a little gift from someone who loves me beyond this world, that my sister wanted to share another special moment with me, and that each and every word my daughter speaks to me is the equivalent of angelic music to my ears. It’s how you look at things and what you make of them. It’s your perspective. It’s the simple things.

5 thoughts on “Simple Things

  1. It is all about the day to day magic. Life is wonder-filled. Thank you Kimberly for helping me pay attention to the “simple things” !

  2. I just almost crashed my car bc I got the email notification that you updated your blog and couldn’t wait until I was home to read it. Kimberly, this post touched my heart. It touched my soul. I feel like you went into my mind and pulled out thoughts I’ve had before and with your beautiful way with words, made something i struggle to understand (why things happen) into a masterpiece. You are brilliant and I love you and can’t wait to read more. I know that video found you by the way… Toots sent it to you from heaven. Xoxoxo

  3. The simple things in life have always been first to me .Loving my family and sharing all I have with them and giving all I can to my children.So I can fully get how much you love the simple things in life because they should come first!Feeling and knowing what is important can be so hard and yet so basic but reading your blog proves to me you totally know what ‘matters’ but then I think I knew all along…Love the sister coffee thing !!!Tear drops as I type………….Love ya

  4. Absolutely love this you are an artist with words just as you are with paints. Thank you for this special post I love it!.

  5. I know exactly what you mean everytime I’m with my kids is a gift not to be taken for granted. And I will always cherish the time I spent with my grandma though I wish deeply she was still here.

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