Mia’s Halloween Costume Poll

I’ve been asking Mia for about a week now what she wants to be for Halloween. (I’m on a mission to create her costume well before the holiday arrives, but being the habitual procrastinator that I am I’m sure I’ll still be working last minute anyway.) At least this year, unlike last, she is coming back with costume ideas that, although not typical, are still leagues above her first choice last year: a chocolate cake. Yeah, I know, I’m not sure why she wanted to be everyone’s favorite dessert either.  It’s definitely not your typical costume choice, but then again, Mia is NOT your typical child.

Last year, if you don’t recall, or weren’t following my blog at the time, we settled on a bumble bee. Thankfully, it was a costume choice she was happy with (she wore it two days in a row and would have worn it a third if I didn’t put a stop to it.) I was even more grateful for the fact that I was able to turn my girl into a honeybee with relative ease.

This year she has narrowed her choice down to two things, or rather, two animals. (Big surprise there!)

This guy:

red eyed free frog

A Red-Eyed Tree Frog “with sticky toes, sticky toes, we’ve got sticky toes!”

Or, this guy:


A Macaroni Penguin “with.. he’s got feathers the color of macaroni ‘n cheese on his head!”

(And, yes, if you are wondering, those are direct quotes. Mia has assured me that I will find her resolute on those two specific costume accoutrements. And, who can really blame her? Sticky toes do sound kind of cool while macaroni ‘n cheese colored feathers are most certainly the best color for feathers!)

Unfortunately, after a full week of motherly harping on the topic Mia still can’t decide which animal she would prefer to be. And I, as always, can’t seem to make up my mind either. (I wonder where she gets her indecisiveness from?!)

After much thought I figured out the perfect person to help us out of this bind we seem to be in. (And, after this idea, I fancy myself quite resourceful!) I decided the best person to ask is, drum roll please, you!! Duh! And since Mia knows all about voting thanks to Nick Jr.’s obsessive need to prove they are educational as well as entertaining, it makes sense. (It also helps much that she got pretty flappy when I told her about my brilliant idea!) Mia’s reply to my blog’s very first POLL was, verbatim, “YES!! Here we go, here we go, VOTE!”

So, if you are willing to help our Mia decide on a Halloween costume this year, we’d greatly appreciate it. And it’s easy, really! Just click the circle next to your choice and then click “vote”. The only hard part, if you’re anything like Mia and I, is choosing which!

So, without further ado, Ladies and Gentlemen, in the words of Mia, “Here we go, Here we go, VOTE!!”

What should Mia be for Halloween?

  • A Macaroni Penguin (76%, 29 Votes)
  • A Red Eyed Tree Frog (24%, 9 Votes)

Total Voters: 38

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5 thoughts on “Mia’s Halloween Costume Poll

  1. They are both adorable ideas. This is definitely a hard decision. Maybe Mommy should choose which would be easier to make!

  2. I love this ,’ Here we go , lets vote!!!!’, she kills me…………………Thank you for letting us be part of this!

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