My Idea..

So, I had an idea… And this is it. Literally, this is it. To start a blog. I’m not entirely sure what made me decide to make the switch from staunch believer that people who write blogs are entirely too self-centered to realize that no one gives a shit about their boring day to day existence to finally landing on the other side of the spectrum and actually having one. I know this is a huge leap to make, and honestly, it was pretty much done overnight. Now don’t get me wrong, I am under no illusions. I know that the only people reading this will be my family. Probably in particular my mother who in the past few years has “taught” herself (or so she thinks) the internet and social media – really this is just another way for her to achieve her ultimate end in life: spying on other people. (She often told me when I was in high school that she should have been a police detective, which was just a nicer way for her to admit that she is the nosiest mother fucker around.)

I guess I should probably introduce myself to you. My name is Kimberly. Most people don’t know this, but I PREFER to be called Kimberly. I introduce myself as such, but most take it upon themselves to call me Kim. This behavior is only acceptable to my family members. And under no circumstances should you ever call me Kimmy, or worse, Kimbo – those names are reserved for a special few in my life. I love history. Mostly Renaissance Europe and WWII. Don’t be surprised if I start writing about this stuff, and please accept my apologies for it ahead of time. I just can’t help myself. I dabble in arts and crafts once in awhile. I am highly sarcastic. This is something I am working on, but I don’t think I will ever fix. I live in Connecticut.

(Roger & Me)


I’m not married, but I am in what most would call a “long term relationship”. His name is Roger. He is quiet, even around me. And getting him to talk about something other than politics or his job is nearly impossible. He is kind. He is a great father. And I love him. We have been together since 2004. I have a pretty amazing daughter. Her name is Mia. She is six. She is autistic. She holds a diagnosis of “Classic Autism Mid-Spectrum”. She talks a lot more lately. She is bright. She is funny. She has come a long way. And she is still growing and learning. I have one sibling. An older sister, Samantha, who loves me unconditionally – and when I say unconditionally, as the younger sister, believe me it is a pretty amazing kind of love given the shit I’ve pulled. My father is Douglas, he is pretty spectacular. Everyone that meets him, and knows him, loves him. He is hysterically funny. He is generous. And he is a walking encyclopedia on anything Bob Dylan. My mother was already half introduced to you. Her name is Donna. She has a big heart. She too is generous, like my father. They make a pretty good match. I love her a lot. She is always there for me. I am the not so proud mother of a pretty unintelligent pug named Henry VIII. I love him dearly, despite the fact that he is a slow learner.

(From Left to Right: My sister, Samantha, My Father, Douglas, My mother, Donna, Me.)

If you just wasted your time reading this, I’m sorry. PLEASE bear with me. I’m new at this. This blog is a work in progress – the writing and the site itself. I guess I’ll label it as a “learning experience” that way when I mess up it won’t sting as bad since I’m just a beginner. So, be frickin’ easy on me!

16 thoughts on “My Idea..

  1. Love!!! So glad I’m the first reader/commenter!! Can’t wait for more!!! Solid start, my dear. Solid start.

    • no worries Liz, this is a new development.. definitely past our time in high school!! you’re grandfathered in! 🙂

  2. I liked your blog and I think that no matter what you post on here most of it will be interesting. 🙂

  3. I love this, “Kimberly” (I never knew!). Please write more about your experiences as a mom and autism. I think you can offer a unique viewpoint about such a very important topic as well as enlighten many about the hardship (and joy) you experience everyday. I look forward to reading more.

  4. I am the proud mother of the amazing and talented, beautiful and generous writer Kimberly! Thank you for sharing and continue the good work.

  5. Chim! Love your intro – I can’t wait to see what you have up yor sleeve! So proud of you for taking this leap.

  6. Kimberly. I think you are off to a great start!
    I look forward to your insights on life, family and WWII. I’m a huge fan of history and good people so in other words I’m all in with your blog. I admit I am not internet smart combo of age and lost brain cells so I hope I can follow along?

  7. LOVE LOVE this I am so excited because I too am a nosey SOB like my sister hahahahah but after all Grandma Toots was our Mom and you know how nosey she was 🙂 But seriously Kimberly (aka Kim to oldies like meself) I think your off to a great start and i am sure many will love to follow you. Keep writing !!

  8. i remember you always hating kimmy in high school hahaha im so happy you started this! 🙂 you’re a great writer (in addition to a great mother, daughter, sister, lady friend, and so much more im sure!).

  9. Not only your family will read this but your old Catholic (lol) junior high friends too! I loved it! Keep it up!! 🙂

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