One Month

In the beginning I said, “let there be a blog”.. and there was, and it was good. Or well, semi-good.

It’s now been a full month. Yes, one WHOLE month. Actually, it’s been longer. It’s been one month and two days. Can you believe it? I can’t. Well, that’s kind of a lie. I can believe that the time went by, but what I can’t believe is that I am still here; still writing to you. How lucky are you that I’ve decided to stick around? (Can you sense my sarcasm?)

I have to admit I am pretty psyched that I have actually stuck to it this long; believe me it’s longer than I thought I would last. I’m so happy about it that I actually have made moves to start accomplishing some of my other goals – like re-launching my old internet business, Clough’s Collectibles. I sell vintage and antique finds on eBay and Etsy. You should check us out!


(Me. Happy about my blog.)


I’m not really sure if I will succeed, in the re-launching of my store or even with this blog, but either way I have succeeded thus far. And that is something to rejoice about!

So, in honor of this joyous occasion – my one month anniversary – I am going to open the floor and invite you to give me some constructive criticism, advice, tips, questions, blog ideas, or compliments (if you have any of those.) Tell me anything you want!

Actually, I really am begging you to comment. Let me know what you like about my blog, let me know what you dislike about it. Please, let me know what you think I should change, let me know if you think I should talk about something at length, or stop talking about something all together. Do you have a personal question for me? Maybe you have a question about my daughter? Maybe you know something secret about me and you want to call me out on it and make me confess about it on my blog?? Anything goes. Questions or statements – complimentary or criticism.

Don’t hold anything back. Leave a comment, give me just one moment of your time and I promise I will make it worth your while by using your advice, or answering your questions. I will confess anything. That’s the point, and name, of my blog anyway.

Just give me some kind of feedback, leave me some love. PLEASE. It really will be appreciated! 



Oh, and a VERY special thank you to my fifteen followers. I really never, ever expected to have that many in such an early stage of the game. You’re the best. I love youuuu!! <3



13 thoughts on “One Month

  1. Kim i love your blog whenever you post something and i see it on my mini feed i read it and i love it. I love how your so honest about things, like the blog about the storm. I think your funny and enjoy your blog it always puts a smile on my face.

  2. I started blogging around the same time as you and I only have 5 followers so you must be doing something right 🙂 I am a friend of Mrs. Bear – we worked together back in the day and I have to tell you – dont change a thing – this blog is the most honest heartwarming gritty blog I have ever read, please dont stop!

  3. I have too many requests…
    1. MIA is always a great read and I believe others would love it too.
    2. Another story about Grandma that includes all the kids..(i leave the choice of memories up to you).
    3. If you could turn back time what would you change if anything?
    4. A story that includes me ( selfabsorbed arent i)
    5. Keep at it I love reading your thoughts we all know what a stalker I am LOL

  4. I would love if you did some funny posts about your dog… Or the funny things that happen to you. I love you and your sense of humor and you should share it with the world!!

  5. Kim,
    My criticism is why aren’t there ads everywhere, I mean ads in every post, sidebar, footer, the header image should be an ad too. Fuck good content which is nice but let’s face it people love being overwhelmed with pop up advertising when visiting a page.

    Also a ‘click here to infect your PC with a Trojan horse’ button would fit nicely in between all the advertising.

    Otherwise I guess the content is pretty cool, but more ads.

    Oh and apple pie would be nice soon, it is November for Christ sake.


    PS if you don’t approve this comment I will.

  6. I just love all your writings (even when I am a victim of such) long , short in-depth , light . loving , funny!All of them , love you.

  7. Started reading the blog as your mom and I are facebook friends, and she posted and it showed up on my wall. Kept on reading because they are interesting, enlightening, totallly honest, and very well written… but above all honest. Its really very brave to open up about things so close to your heart, and to share your thoughts and feelings with the world as you are doing. Nothing to change with your blog Kim… and even if someone thought you should change something, its YOUR blog… your thoughts, and your feelings. I commend you for being so honest, admire your strength and bravery, and respect your willingness to share your life. Kudos to you…

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