Silent Sunday 2 & Almonds

Today, Mia ate some almonds. 

Let, me repeat that for emphasis. Today, Mia ate some almonds. She even told my father to “go to sleep” when he asked for one. This is Mia’s way of saying “Go away.”

This is huge. Mia never tries new foods. She has a difficult time with them, mainly because of their unknown texture. Mia has many oral sensory issues. She hates most foods that aren’t breads or have a foreign texture. We still have to feed her pureed vegetables.

I am a little bit disappointed that I wasn’t around to see this. My mother has officially kidnapped my daughter. She has been gone since Friday night. I feel kind of bad about this; and I honestly miss Mia, a lot. I should call the police and report it – but I probably won’t. Instead I will stay home and continue working. (On nothing.)

Mia ate some almonds today and that is cause for celebration.


Today, for Silent Sunday I’m posting a picture of Mia with my mother. Mia loves her Mimi. And her Mimi loves her.  (I confess that I don’t really need to do a “Silent Sunday” because my daughter isn’t here for me to devote my time too, but I will anyway to keep up the trend. And to continue using this Sunday for lazy purposes.)

(Mia with my Mom. 2011)



2 thoughts on “Silent Sunday 2 & Almonds

  1. Cried all through and while she ate the Almonds!!Love Mia and love my time with her.Thank you and next week a attempt at another new food, hmmm I have to plan…

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