The Confessional

Do you have something to confess? Do you want to get something off your chest? Did you steal some office supplies? Eat someone else’s lunch? Flip someone stupid off in traffic? Break your diet? Hide in the bathroom from your children for a moment of peace? Skip walking the dog and just let him outside instead? Did you lie? Did you cheat?

Want to join me in my quest for a cleaner conscience and absolution from sin?

Just fill out the Comment Box Below.

Brave? Put your name and e-mail address.
Want a little bit more confidentiality than that? Comment Anonymously then!
Just submit your confession and wait for the feeling of peace.
Come back as needed!

My promise? To confess something WORSE than what you’re confessing. I’ll even be fair and get the ball rolling..

One thought on “The Confessional

  1. My first CONFESSIONAL confession – because let’s face it I have already confessed some pretty unbecoming things about myself on this blog.

    Let’s see. Hmmm… I confess that Mia was late to school yesterday out of my own pure laziness. I hit snooze on my alarm clock too many times knowing full well that it would make us late. Then I did something really bad. I called the school, told them we would be late “because Mia had sleeping issues last night” and went back to sleep for twenty more minutes! Mia was a half hour late.

    I know, I know, how much more immature and stupid can I get??.. Not much. BUT, it was only a “half-lie”. Mia DID kinda have “sleep trouble”. She didn’t go to bed until 1 am. (That’s the “half” that wasn’t a lie; us being late on the other hand, well, that was all me.)

    My Confession: My own laziness made Mia a half hour late to school yesterday. Oops.

    (Now, you confess something and I’ll confess something else! Worse!)

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