The Window

mia looking

     The Window

Mia sits at the window
looking outside.
I never have to wonder,

What’s on her mind,
What does she think?

Staring blankly, towards
the kids
In another life they would be friends
making mud pies, or
playing in imaginary lands, or
jumping rope
if only she were coordinated enough.

The snow falls down and,
she’s not invited
for sledding, or
snowman building, or
snowball fights.

I am her only friend
It is not forced, you see
I love her more than I love me.

But still I know
that deep inside
she yearns to be a part
of their laughter
and scrapped knees
of their cheering

I wish they saw her through my eyes
happy and playful, but
and shy.

Alas, they do not.

And there are no invitations
at the door, or
in the mail, or
on the machine.

I sit at the window
looking outside,
I never have to wonder

4 thoughts on “The Window

  1. Oh wow… Kim…this is incredible. Such an incredible poem. It breaks my heart reading it… but warms my heart knowing that she has you in her life.

  2. Beautiful and loving poem Kim. It speaks to who you are, beautiful and loving.

  3. Unstoppable love for her and you……………..But know along with your love for her she matches that love for you a million times over! Thank you for sharing.

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