They ARE out there

I was in the midst of writing something when I stumbled upon a piece of writing by Melanie Yergeau called “You’ll grow out of it.” I’d like to share it with you.

The reason for this is obvious – I think it’s vital that you read it. It offers insights that I myself could never offer to you because although I may mother an autistic child, I myself am not autistic. Therefore I can’t express to you what it feels like, first person.

I realize that my place being an autistic ally is very important. Allies are crucial, and I am proud to be one. But, I do recognize the fact that sometimes my words should not dominate the conversation. Sometimes I should be a conduit through which other’s words flow. I feel this way because I believe that the autistic’s words and perceptions are more valuable than my own, for they are the ones who can really teach us what autism is all about. They are the ones who can shine a light on all of the dark areas we do not yet fully understand. They are the only ones who can teach us. And they are out there speaking…

We just have to listen. We just have to hear.


Click Here to read “You’ll grow out of it.” by Melanie Yergeau