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Maybe you have noticed. Or, maybe you haven’t. Regardless of either, it makes no difference for the truth is the same. I haven’t written in awhile. I won’t make excuses. There need be none. The reason is this:


After receiving the above message I had a moment of doubt. I questioned what I was doing here and the point of it all. Am I only writing this blog for myself? Do I really think there is anyone out there reading this who benefits from it? Am I in some way harming my own child by writing about her life and all that it encompasses – the ups and downs of it? Am I in some way opening up the door to danger by posting pictures of my child and using her real first name? (Something that in retrospect I wish I hadn’t done. I wish I had used some alias, but when I started I didn’t think too.)

After spending a whole week mulling over these questions and others I arrived at one solid truth each time. This. Blog. Gives. It gives me strength. It gives me a place to direct my emotions. It gives me hope. The benefits I receive in writing out our daily triumphs and struggles are tenfold. I am able to better examine my feelings, my fears, my hopes, dreams, and needs from an outside perspective. I am able to dissect different situations because in writing about them I am better able to find cause and effect in a multitude of behaviors – both Mia’s and my own.

And, because of all of those things and more, this blog gives Mia a better mother. And what more does a child need than a mother who is good, a mother who is actively seeking to better their abilities to raise their own child. A mother who tries her hardest to give and makes due with the talents she has in order to do that.

Then there is you. This blog can give you insight into the life of a woman in over her head, who is trying her damnedest to make work what she has been given. This blog can give you a little glimpse into the life of an adorable autistic seven (almost) year old. It can also direct to the teachings of other autistics. It can help direct you to a little bit of truth. But it only can if you let it. And then, through this blog, you give back to me. You offer up your own thoughts, feelings, ideas and truths in the comment section. You give me hope. You give me courage and compliments, praise and criticism. You give me help.

There was one thing that person was correct about; this is not my story to share. It’s my life. And I share it without reservation. I share it with hope. I give it you in the form of words, written out on this blog.


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  1. I usually don’t post, but wanted to let you know I enjoy your posts and look forward to read them. It has helped me understand about my relative; who has a child that happens to have autism. Everyone has their opinions, as I’m sure you know. Glad to see you are continuing your life story.

  2. That email is absolutely ridiculous. By no means are you exploiting your daughter or her so-called “weakness.” I read each and every one of your posts because they are beautifully well-written and give me a glimpse into your life as a mother of an autistic child, as well as into Mia’s life as a young girl who is growing and developing with autism. Your blog gives me a chance to appreciate and understand what you, Roger, and Mia go through on a daily basis – something most of us would never stop to consider, and otherwise wouldn’t have any exposure to. Reading each post, I can see how utterly devoted to Mia and her well-being you are. Your love for her emanates from the page. It is absolutely inspiring to see not only how you’ve taught Mia, but how’s she’s taught you. When I read your blog, I wonder to myself, “What if I have an autistic child. That must me so hard.” But as a read, I realize, “so what if I do?” Your blog gives such a intimate perspective on life, and is valuable tool that I think can help eliminate some of the stigma associated with autism. You and your little family are truly inspiring. Don’t listen to the criticism. You are doing a good thing for the public, for yourself, and for Mia. So keep it up…I expect to see your name on the bestseller list someday, and not because you are “exploiting” your daughter, but because you both have something amazing to offer this world – inconceivable and unconditional love and understanding – something this world desperately needs more of.

    • Wow. Stacia. Thank you SO much. Your words really mean the world to me. I’m so grateful for you for them. And I am more than glad that my blog has had that my blog has had that kind of affect on your thinking. 🙂

  3. Please never allow anyone’s remarks to sway you from this blog .It benefits more people than you know, Mia profits daily from your posts , by the awareness you are bringing to her life that most people do not know about .You get inner strength and are able to vent and share things that maybe you are also struggling with. I see so much benefits for so many from this blog! Please allow so many of us to share in your lives through this blog.Love it and shame on this person…………………..

  4. OMG, Dear Kimberly, Please don’t let sick people like that make you stop writing! This is your story, this is your life ,and this is Mias autism as you see it. Autism does not define Mia, but by sharing her story it DOES HELP other parents, because parents are the only ones that can help each other learn the true tools needed to live autism daily. The doctors,the nurses, and even the educatiors only have the books to learn from, and a parent has the every day life to learn from. Please keep writing! people like anonymous NEED the education about AUTISM that you share so freely with us.

  5. Do you “get” something out of your blog? Of course you do! “Writers MUST write.” The amount of energy you commit to rasing your daughter, every day, is NOT something that “anonymous” can possibly understand. To parent any child is a very difficult job, but to parent a special child carries with it responsibilities, self-doubt, fear of failure and so many other,often painful unknowns. If writing helps to give you clarity (or perhaps a little peace of mind) it is only going to help you be a better, happier person, and continue to be a very loving Mom. Keep sharing and educating…you have more fans than not!

  6. There are so many things i can say about that but then i would be sinking to the low level of this person BUT i think your writings are beautiful and show a side to your relationship with Mia that we may not see- i love it. You have such a way with words, don’t ever stop writing! I think we learned as children that “if you don’t have anything nice to say, do not say anything at all”- that person is not forced to read your blog, they choose to… And i can tell you right now for every 1 person like that- i guarantee there are 10 others (readers) that you have touched in a positive way- me being one of them, keep it up!!

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