Update: Life is GOOD

So much has happened since we last talked. I’ve wanted to tell you all about it, really, I have, but the “so much” just seemed to keep getting in the way..

Plus, then this happened every time I sat down to write:


(Mia, stealing my computer to play video games RIGHT when I sit down to write.)

And, really, how could anyone deny this sweet girl a chance to play computer games?

Life is good. It only seems to get better. Maybe that sounds silly. Or naive. But, honestly, it’s not. It’s the truth. Mia started a new school this fall and is doing great. She has even managed to make a best friend, T, who she talks about often. Her Teacher, L.W., says they can often be found huddled in the corner together reading; and laughing insistently. I’m told that their needed accommodations and strengths are opposite, so they compliment one another quite well.

She takes the bus now. For the first time ever. She boards it each morning with purpose and a smile larger than I have seen in awhile. I attribute the feeling of purpose to the self awareness she has of growing up and becoming independent of mom, and dad – a little slice of heaven for the girl who is always being hovered over. I attribute the smile to happiness over the same.

(Mia's bus.. and a few of her friends.)

(Mia’s bus.. and a few of her friends.)

We have lived in the same neighborhood for years now, but only recently, because of the bus stop, is my daughter now, finally, considered one of “the kids”. Whenever we walk out the door, no matter the purpose, she is spotted and acknowledged. It’s wonderful, really. It’s the same each morning in turn, whether she talks to the other children or not (but mostly she does, standing in the middle of their games, flapping her arms as if she plans to fly away), they all yell “good-bye” to her as she boards her small bus – separated and segregated for her own “benefit” from the other children. (Something I do not wholly disagree with.) If she has noticed she is not riding the same bus, she seems not to care. Which adds to the ease of our mornings, and my conscience, which always bothers me when Mia notices a difference in treatment between her and her peers.

Currently, we spend our hours in the afternoon exploring the shores of the CT river, creating creatures out of art supplies, playing with friends in the backyard, or in the rare moment of quiet, watching “Yo Gabba Gabba” until I can recite the words by heart. But, soon enough after-school activities will begin again. Swimming classes Thursdays, Funny Muscles (also known as gymnastics) on Mondays. And maybe even soccer Saturday morning. (We’re still toying with the idea of it and how much she can handle; although we’d better decide quickly.) And, we still have our passes to the “music park”, and a few more weeks before it closes for the winter, where our Mia rides amusement park rides like a seasoned pro.


(From Top Left to Right: Mia at the CT River, Mia’s latest creation, Mia playing in the backyard, and Mia having a moment of downtime.)

Yes, life is good. And full. And hectic to the point of exhaustion.. But, I’ll tell you this, I’ve never felt more sure. I’ve never felt more hopeful. I’ve never, ever, been so content. Yes, life is marvelous.

3 thoughts on “Update: Life is GOOD

  1. For years I have been preaching to students that being content is the key to happiness, but I think I may have been wrong. The joy you experience as a mother….what is better than that? I believe there may be nothing better. So happy for you.

  2. I love read about Mia’s accomplishments and I’ve never met her! Glad Mia is adjusting to her new school and making new friends. Keep up the posts Kim! <3

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