Yellow Snow

It’s November 7th and in Connecticut we our in the midst of our first snow. No, not a light dusting, but a full blown storm. We are currently eleven and a half hours into it and it doesn’t look like it is stopping anytime soon. Although the snow is pretty, I am not at all a fan. For me it means Roger is gone snowplowing for as long as the snow lasts PLUS at least three hours after it’s done to finish cleaning it up. Mia and I are left home alone to fend for ourselves. It’s fun in the beginning (for about the first fifteen minutes) then I start to melt down. Mia is extremely hyperactive. It’s hard for me to keep her busy for any extended period of time on a normal day, but it’s made worse when there is a thick blanket of snow covering the ground just outside the window and more endlessly falling from the sky. Once she notices, it’s over and our dance begins.


(Mia playing outside in the elements tonight.. Mmmm… snow)

The dance of inside, outside, inside… Mia is hypersensitive to some senses like sound and sight, but less disposed to feel pain. It has little to no effect on her. It has to be quite a bad “boo-boo” for her to shed a tear. Because of this the cold does not influence her as it does your average person, or child. She will stay outside for hours before even noticing that she is freezing; if she does at all. She will try to take her gloves and hat off because the feeling of them bothers her. She also isn’t a big fan of layers so sometimes she tries to shed them. It can become a constant battle for me. Where I am constantly redirecting her and hoping she forgets about the annoyance the accessory is causing her for long enough to remember how much fun she is having.

We have seen a significant drop in the undressing of herself over the past year, but even still, I already know this winter is going to be a difficult one. Every time Henry needs to go outside to use the bathroom Mia wants to join us for another hour long romp in the snow. . Reminds me of that Frank Zappa song “Yellow Snow” that my “Dad Dylan” (haha) used to always sing to me when we went out in the snow: “Watch out where the huskies go and don’t you eat that yellow snow…” Genius.



I must confess that even though I am dreading this winter I did have a pretty good night with my girl, both inside the house and out. We did a lot of fun things together. We literally played from the moment she got home from school until the moment she finally fell asleep. Which wasn’t before she asked for one more favor — a new iPad game, please? I like days like this where we are attached at the hip. It makes me feel good when I finally go to sleep. I can think, for one moment, that maybe I actually am a good mother. 

So, one snow storm down. How many more to go? I just hope all our wintery nights go as well as tonight, and may G-d bless us with only a few, lest I lose my mind. 🙂


(Proof positive that Mia loves me. She kissed me ALL BY HERSELF for this picture. I did NOT ask her too. yay! Photo taken tonight.)

5 thoughts on “Yellow Snow

  1. Love this post and I can imagine what a roller coaster ride that must be. AND you ARE a good mother I admire you and Roger and your parenting skills always no one knows how on you must always be. <3

  2. awww. Kimberly, you ARE a good mother. (I would have moved to Florida by now where snow does not exist!) <3 <3 <3

  3. Of course it starts off with me laughing and ends with me crying , tears of joy ! Not just for the love of a good read but also for the love you and Mia share, the love you experience by each moment with her, the love that can be seen in her eyes for you …This can and does bring me to tears a lot!
    Love Mom

  4. You are such an amazing mother! I just love reading about little challenges (such as spending hours in the snow with the cutie patootie) and how you overcome them.

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